Package Purchase Policy at Asian Trend Beauty

Policy Overview

This document elucidates the terms governing package purchases at Asian Trend Beauty, your premier destination for exquisite beauty services. By selecting our packages, customers unequivocally consent to abide by the subsequent guidelines.

Refund Policy

All package sales are definitive and non-retractable. Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate requests for refunds, exchanges, or credits pertaining to unused portions of procured packages. Although we earnestly encourage customers to establish contact with our dedicated support team at for any concerns, it is important to note that such communication does not guarantee a refund.

Modifications and Cancellations

Following purchase confirmation, packages are irrevocable and cannot be altered or annulled. Any post-purchase appeals for changes or cancellations will regrettably not qualify for a refund.

Force Majeure

This policy does not extend to refund requests arising from circumstances beyond our purview, such as acts of nature or government interventions.

Contact Information

For inquiries pertaining to this “No Refund” policy or further insights into our exclusive packages, please do not hesitate to contact us at Your patronage of Asian Trend Beauty is tantamount to acknowledging your comprehension and concurrence with the tenets set forth in this policy.