Pigmentation treatment

Reduce or eliminate skin pigmentation with our professional beauticians.

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Pigmentation treatment

Pigmentation treatment done by experienced beauticians

We help reduce or remove skin pigmentation with advanced techniques and skin care.

*Please note that we offer services that promote healthier skin. For advanced pigmentation or advanced skin issues, please seek medical advice.

Pigmentation treatment

  • Duration: 70-90 minutes
  • Price: $370

Professional pigmentation treatment done by experienced beauticians.

What our pigmentation treatment includes

  • Skin Consultation (15 minutes for first-time clients)
  • Face steam wash
  • Exfoliation
  • Eyebrow trimming
  • Black/white head extraction (full face)
  • Face, shoulder and neck massage to relieve stress and help skincare absorption
  • Nano needle with whitening serum
  • Medical facial mask
  • Head massage
  • Customised skincare application